Merak Sakteng Yeti Trek

Merak Sakteng Yeti Trek

In eastern Bhutan the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, or Migoi National Park, covering 650km, was set up specifically to look after the Migoi (or Yeti Surveys are being carried out to determine how many species exist there; no Migoi have yet been spotted. Besides the Migoi National Park Migoi may be encountered between the Tang and Lhushi valleys (Rodang La).
This special cultural and nature trek of an isolated Merak & Sakteng recently opened in 2009. Until now a handful of tourists and researchers were permitted to this area with special permissions. This area was closed to protect the unique cultural heritage of this Brokpa people and in part to give the mythical Yeti some peace, whose tales of wandering in the valley is very popular among the natives. The Brokpas (highlanders) population of Merak and Sakten are semi-nomadic yak herder, who speak different dialect and wear a completely different outfit from other Bhutanese.
This seven-day trek visits the isolated valleys of Merak (11,536 ft / 3517 m) and Sakteng (9709 ft / 2960 m), with a crossing of the Nyuksang La (Nyakchung La) (13,579ft/4140m). Allow some extra days so that you can make the most of this special area with its unique culture, rich history and very friendly people.

Day 1 ~ Chaling to Damnongchu

Day 2 ~ Damnongchu to Merak

Day 3 ~ Merak to Miksa Teng

Day 4 ~ Miksa Teng to Sakteng

Day 5 ~ Sakteng Day Halt

Day 6 ~ Sakteng to JyonkharTeng

Day 7 ~ Jyonkhar Teng to Phongmay


Day 1: Chaling to Damnongchu

The trek to Merak starts from Chaling which can be reached by following an unsealed road from Rangjung. Damnongchu camping area is located after Mindrula which lies at about 3,316m.

Day 2: Damnongchu to Merak

The trail from Damnongchu to Merak goes along the river bank with gradual ups and downs. Overnight stay at Damnongchu Camp.

Day 3: Merak to Miksa Teng

The trek from Merak to Miksa Teng is long and of medium difficulty. It will pass through the beautiful Nagchungla pass (4,100m). The campsite is located in a clearing surrounded by rhododendron trees.

Day 4: Miksa Teng to Sakteng

Trek to Sakteng from Miksa Teng is easy making your way through beautiful woods with a short climb before reaching Sakteng. Overnight stay at Camp.

Day 5: Sakteng Day Halt

Today you will get to explore this remote Himalayan village.

Day 6: Sakteng to JyonkharTeng

Sakteng to Jyonkhar Teng trek is an easy trek as compared to previous days. It is mostly downhill to Jyonkhar Teng camp.